Coahulla Creek Sports Network announces launch of new football show

The weekly show will debut this fall during season

The Coahulla Creek Football Show will make its way to the airwaves this fall on the Coahulla Creek Sports Network. The show will center around recapping the previous week’s game, as well as previewing the next matchup on the schedule.

The show will be hosted by Tony Crossen, and co-hosted by Head Football Coach Drew Carter, breaking down the highlights, and giving first-hand analysis on all things Coahulla Creek football.

“We have an excellent group of student athletes, and we have great communities that make up Colt Country. My hope is to bring those 2 together. We want The Coahulla Creek Football Show to promote and recognize our players and program, and to maximize community interest and involvement,” says Coach Carter.

Also included in the show will be featured segments that showcase our senior football players and our assistant coaches (the Senior Spotlight and the Coaches’ Corner). ‘Play of the Week’ and ‘Player of the Game’ segments will be a part of the broadcast as well.

Coahulla Creek Football Director of Media Brooks Carter will be the show’s executive producer. He says, “My vision for this football program is to create a media presence unlike any other high school team in the area. Launching this show will be a vital piece in that vision, and will hopefully give our players, students, parents, and fans something to be proud of.”

Assisting him in the show’s production will be Jake McGill.

The Coahulla Creek Football Show‘s presenting sponsor will be Julian Peeples Funeral Homes. They have been a longtime supporter of the Colts’ football program, as well as many other athletic teams at the Creek.

Coach Carter says, “We are so thankful to have a local sponsor like Julian Peeples, that shares the program’s vision of promoting and recognizing student athletes at Coahulla Creek.”

The show will air live every Tuesday night at 8pm EST on our YouTube channel and Facebook page, giving fans an opportunity to like and comment on the show’s live chat as it is happening. Each show will be approximately a 30 minute broadcast.

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