Colts’ players thank dads on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us, and some of our Coahulla Creek Colts’ football players took time to reflect on how their dad’s have impacted their lives and football careers.

Issac McGill: “My dad has always been my #1 supporter all my life. He always was there to take me to practice or buy me new gear. I couldn’t have gotten a better dad. I love my dad and I Sam so thankful for all that he does for me.”

Chase Ward: “My dad always pushes me to work as hard as I can, and to be successful on Friday nights”

Nate Tilley: “My dad has helped me in football because he introduced me to the sport, and has pushed me everyday to be better than I was yesterday. He’s always been there when I needed help with learning new techniques”

Chris Ewart: “My dad has contributed to my football career by providing me with equipment and fundraiser money. He has always uplifted and pushed me when I wanted to quit and has always taught me to be a man of God.”

River Choate: “My padre has help me in a lot of different ways and I’m so thankful to have him for supporting me in my sports and my hobbies. From coaching me, to giving me advice, from texting me supportive thoughts, my dad has helped and provided for me for many years and I’m so thankful and I love him.”

Carson Weaver: “My dad has always helped with working the chains during games, and he has always been there to help me and work with me on football”

Colton Fisher: “My dad is a strong, hardworking man, and is loving to everyone he meets. Thank you dad!”

Greg Christie: “My dad forced me to join football in 8th grade, changing my life forever. Without him, I would have never fallen in love with the sport.

Waelyn Baliles: “My dad used to make me flip a tire multiple times day, and when I saw he could flip it better than me I used to stay out later than him and try to flip it like he did. Then, he would help me throw football, and critique me on everything I did wrong even though he played as a lineman in school. But he always had my best interest at heart.”

Marc Solis: “I want to thank my dad for throwing the ball with me, and always helping me to get better.”

Keith Collins: “Dad would come home from long days at work, but would still throw football with me anytime I asked.”

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